How to Select DUROknot Sizes

Selecting for Load Cases

Be sure to check the product chart for breaking loads for DUROknot soft shackles.  For any application it is important to select for a safe working load that gives a margin of safety from the breaking load.  Figuring a safe working load of 50% of the break load for performance sailing applications is our recommendation.

Selecting for a Pin to Pin Dimension

DUROknot soft shackles come in a range of circumferences.  The dimension "A" that we list on our chart is the inside length of the shackle when pulled tight, also know as the "Pin to Pin" dimension. 

The smallest "A" dimensions for each size range of DUROknot are VERY compact.  Use these sizes when you have small radius items to connect, such as two lines, or a line and a stainless ring.

If you have something bulkier that you want to connect to, such as a webbing strap, or a clew board, you might want to select one of the larger "A" dimension shackles.  This will still be a compact connection, but will provide a little more room for larger items.

If you have questions about what size you may need for a particular application, feel free to ask us about it using the contact form or just email us at